I wish I would have realized I needed a website building partner 5 years ago.  Maybe I wouldn’t have blown that first million, or the second…  Websites and webpages are where people change their lives, both buyers and sellers these days,  Now more than ever.
I wish I would have seen some of this back then.  I was just learning though.  If there was a system I could have just plugged into while I was learning how to build a legitimate business, it would have been much easier and faster to get to this point…
I have some “egg on my face”, for not seeing things more clearly then, but I would like to help others not have to learn that lesson the way I did.
Businesses need websites that work in multiple ways.
Websites that work for SEO, that are responsive for mobile devices, landing pages for paid ads and conversion friendly.  Everyone needs websites that don’t get marketers, or site owner sued!  Lemme see what else we need…
Websites, that just work and that aren’t crazy expensive!  Websites that are built on return on investment principles.
I am not talking about about a WordPress theme or a plugin that looks good in theory.  I’m not talking about training a VA to build a site that you have to scrutinize and stay on top of…  those are things that are fine, but are failure conditions for your business.  I’ve bought tons of things that never got implemented.  I reckon you have too.  So we built a system that you can plug in to.
The thing you want for sure…  Well, the thing you should want, is a fully built out website that displays beautifully and is crawled and indexed in Google and other Search Engines, and above all, doesn’t place me, you or your clients in the crosshairs for a lawsuit for not being accessible to people who need specific internet standard elements on websites that they use every day.
That last element has been the one I didn’t know how to do myself.  Truth be told, I could build websites that ranked in search engines, converted well and made money, but this lawsuit twist sort of threw me for a loop.
I didn’t realize how big of a deal it was, until I dug in further and thankfully had someone come to my rescue that was an expert in this field.  I’d made a post in a pretty high-end internet marketing group, where a lot of members are making tens of thousand of dollars a month on the internet, about this A.D.A. accessible issue and most of the responses were either questions or half-cooked affiliate solutions.  At that moment I realized that what I didn’t know, may be the exact thing holding me back.
I asked questions and listened when I got insider, specific information, and this huge trend in the internet materialized.  I had never even known that that it existed.
97% of websites are not accessible to persons with disabilities.  That means hardly any websites are places where close to 20% of the population can do business.  Wait, what???   There are 20% of folks who are buying nearly all their internet stuff on 3% of the websites?  Whoa, that math is enough to set you right down.  This is straight up blue ocean wide open market type of thing.  On top of that, for those website owners who aren’t accessible, there is a downside, and it sucks…
Business owners never even see it coming.
Hardly anybody even knows that websites have building standard.  These website standards are a lot like building codes for houses and businesses.  They are the way the internet is built, and agreed upon, but so many web designers and search engine consultants aren’t aware of the risk…
Website lawsuits continue to increase in frequency.
You used to be able to put up websites and there was hardly any risk or downside.  That is not how things are in 2020.  The trend continues to put websites, and even single web pages in the crosshairs.
Let me help you see this.  As more commerce is transacted online, online business becomes the normal.  Along with that it is considered a place of public accommodation.  That shift puts you both in the money and in the crosshairs.  If you get the customers and are immune to the lawsuits, your business can ride this wave perfectly.  If you are stuck with a website in the crosshairs, or a website that doesn’t cruise on search engine and mobile traffic you are really dead in the water.  You’re gonna get smacked one way or another.  Either smacked with a lawsuit, or maybe even worse, just sitting dead in the water not getting any traffic at all.
So for an online marketer, someone who is an arms dealer of incredible potency, a new situation has arisen.
There is an untapped market, that has never before been focused on.  Twenty percent of the population… Think about that…
There is also now a new potential downside of owning a website, a big monetary pitfall that you don’t want to put your clients or your personal assets into. This didn’t exist before, but it does now.  You can bet that drive by law firms are going to figure out how to utilize this change in climate.  You can either get bowled over by this wave, or catch it.
There are new normals now.  You can try to ignore it, but things are now different.  It’s pretty much Mad Max or…. not.  If it’s that, none of this has any merit.  But if society and civilization continues there will be winners and loser with this massive transfer of wealth and upheaval.
Stacking advantages is the formula for business success.  Avoiding downside while ramping up the good advantages.  Google and other search engines adhere to web standards.  Search Engines are legally obliged to do so.
As we began to understand that search engine traffic and web standards all fit perfectly together, WebA11y began to take shape.  Building a website that could be a solid foundation for traffic, conversion and would be accessible to that up-tapped 20%, all while not being in the crosshairs of a lawsuit… Truth be told these are rock and roll SEO websites, built to very high standards, that convert AND work for that un-tapped 20% of people.
Doing business online is clearly more affordable for a business owner, unless…
Folks are online nowadays and it looks like that trend will continue.  There are also gonna be folks looking for your services who need websites built a certain way that they can engage with.  They find you or someone else…. or they just sue somebody.
That is sort of the environment right now.  Get money or lose money.  There really isn’t as much middle ground.  Win or don’t win.
Mostly, I’d like business owners to realize that 20% of the population has not been marketed to by many websites. Those 20% of folks can wreck your cash flow if your website isn’t accessible.  You can, at the same time, market to those 20%, the other 80% and protect yourself from the downside by having a website built the right way.  According to web standards that web designers and search engine pros can both agree upon.
Build your website the right way.